Natasha & Sean's Wedding Video - 28/09/08

Natasha & Sean were a last minute booking for video and, being a Sunday, I decided to tag along and give Nadine a hand with the video and take a few stills for the DVD. I haven't been the assistant for a long long time and it was quite different for me not to be directing things.
Natasha & Sean had already booked one of the other Toowoomba photographers to do their photography before meeting us and it's always interesting to watch someone else work!! Having 2 videographers gave us the chance to do some really different stuff, including a very cool "drive-by" of the wedding cars and a "chase" through Toowoomba - Nadine will put a sample online on her blog soon. Although it was quite a relaxing day, it was also a bit frustrating and I much prefer being the lead photographer!!