Ideal Bride Expo - RNA Fri 20-Sun 22nd Feb 09

If it's February it must be Wedding Expo season and if we had made a movie about this weekend, the title would have to be "Two Weddings, Two Expo's and No Babysitters!"
They say things come in three's but this weekend we had four!! Not only did we have two Weddings to video (basically at opposite ends of South-East Queensland!) but we also had the big Ideal Bride Expo at the RNA for three days and another Expo at the City Golf Club in Toowoomba on the Sunday. Oh, and Nadine's parents, who normally look after Zoe on our busy days, were in NZ at a family function!!
Yes, it was busy, yes Nadine and I only saw each other for about 30 minutes before falling asleep each evening, but yes, everything got done and got done well. The Ideal Bride Expo was great as always with the majority of brides thankfully asking about 2010 dates (2009 ones are SO limited now), Nadine did a fabulous job with Nat & Josh and then Dragana & Josef's Wedding videos and Kirra & Kristy, who looked after Toowoomba for us, did a great job giving out information.
Oh yes, we did take the day off on the Monday, but Zoe needed some time with Mum & Dad and I think we deserved it too!!
Below are a couple of photos Nadine shot whilst doing the video's
Dragana & Josef:
Nat & Josh: