Madonna & Eddie's Wedding 02/08/09

Having photographed Madonna & Eddie's E-shoot at Mt Cotton Rainforest Gardens a little earlier in the year I was really looking forward to their wedding day which was held at Oyster Point Park at the start of August. Our luck with the winter weather continued to hold and we enjoyed another fabulous day down at the beach with Madonna & Eddie. Madonna looked absolutely stunning and with her bubbly and attentive bridal party we got some great shots at the Shangri-La before heading down to the park to see Eddie & the boys. Eddie's Tongan heritage was very much in evidence at the ceremony and it was fantastic to feel a part of such a huge family occasion. After a very moving Bahai service it was off to manly for the location photos and everyone had an absolute blast. The Bridal party were just fantastic throughout and the time seemed to pass incredibly quickly, but not before we had captured some wonderful memories. The reception was back at the Shangri-La in Wynnum and they put on an exceptional event, the highlights for me being the high-energy entrance by the Bridal Party (eat your hearts out JK wedding dance people!!) and then the wonderful Tongan dancing - I just wish we had video of that!! We had a brilliant day and our thanks to Madonna & Eddie for inviting us to be part of their day.