The last post got me thinking...

Sooooo... the last post was all about some old print and transparency images and it got me thinking... those were all done without any filters (OK, there may have been a real skylight or a graduated ND filter on the front in a couple of them), but basically they were "naked" - exactly as they came out of the camera.
That got me thinking how digital copes in comparison and having shot a really stunning Wedding for Michelle & Dave down at the Historic Rivermill on the Coomera River at the weekend I decided to test myself out and see if I would be happy to present a full set of images without any manipulation these days!!
Having been through the shots from the day I am pleased to be able to say I would have been more than happy to present over 350 images without ANY manipulation whatsoever! The images below are a few examples of these and they have had nothing done to them whatsoever, they have just been downloaded from the card and resampled for the internet in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, not even Adobe's Lightroom like we do for the actual images for the client.
Of course I am going to go back and do everything we normally do for Michelle & Dave and then will post some of those to compare. In the meantime, have a look and see if you think we really need all the special effects that Photoshop and the like can provide, or whether we just need to understand light, have a great rapport with our clients and have two people so obviously in love and having a ball on their special day!!


  1. Thanks Dave for a Fantastic day, when we said there was a reason that you were behind the camera we did mean it. your photography skills are amazing.You helped make our day into one we will remember, cherish and look back on for the rest of our happlily married lives.
    Love Dave And Michelle.


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