A few new shots from film...

A few weeks ago I uploaded some old shots from my film archives and was lamenting the decline of film based photography. I still love shooting with film and below are some images from some personal stuff taken over the past few weeks with a variety of film stocks. I think the results speak for themselves and go to show that film based photography is far from dead and buried and that now I just have to find a few couples who want their day captured on film.

The first shots above were taken with my trusty old Canon EOS 50 which still takes a fabulous image but I have recently taken delivery of a fantastic reconditioned Olympus Trip from the guys at www.tripman.co.uk I had a Trip many many years ago and it was the camera I really learned to take quality photos with. With their small size, exceptional quality optics, very robust frames and a selenium (solar) powered basic exposure system (no batteries - how green is that!!) these cameras were the ultimate travel camera in 70's and 80's and I have many fond memories of holidays captured with one of these. My new Trip is a bit more snazzy - couldn't go past the red crocodile skin finish!! - but works just as well as my first one and I look forward to sharing many more shots with you.