2011 - What a start to the year :-(

As you will have seen, I have been a little slack in my blogging of late but there have been some good reasons. Firstly the sheer volume of work we had in the lead-up to Christmas was phenomenal and I have tons of fabulous imagery to post from November & December - some fantatstic Wedding imagery from all some great locations and some stunning portraits from the Christmas rush at the studio.
Sadly 2011 has not started with such positive news. The appalling tragedy that has unfolded with the ongoing flood crisis throughout Queensland and further afield has left us all stunned and has affected so many people in so many ways. For those who didn't know, although our office is in Brisbane (and was safe from the floods too), we actually live just a few kilometers from Grantham, the epicentre of last week's disaster in which so many people lost their lives. Our property is up pretty high and whilst the Lockyer Creek came to the edge of our block we were safe. Distressingly, many people we know have not been so lucky, including one of our wedding couples who not only lost their home, but also have several family members still missing and our prayers are with them at this terrible time.
A number of our Brisbane couples for 2011 have also been affected by the flooding and we know several others may be forced to change their plans as a result of the unfolding disaster. Our thoughts are with them too and we are here to help.
Here's hoping 2011 gets better from here on and I promise to get some great imagery onto the page as soon as possible.