Hepi Family 2008

Photographing Caroline, Jon and their newborn baby Nate was one of the first jobs we did when we moved to Australia in 2006. Caroline and Jon live and work in overseas, but have family and friends in Toowoomba and Nate was the perfect baby to photograph. Fast forward a couple of years and Caroline and Jon have just added little Dylan to their family and with Nate now being a very active little toddler, they wanted to get some updated family photos. It's always fantastic to be invited to take regular family photos and to see children and families develop. Nate still loved having his photo taken, and although Dylan wasn't quite as keen, we got a fabulous range of images of both of them, as well as some of their cousins who came along too.

Caitlin & Blake's Wedding - Saturday 2nd August

Winter Weddings are quite rare around the Darling Downs, especially with temperatures being the way they have been this year, but what do you do when you live in Toowoomba and want to have an August Wedding - yep, that's right, you move the whole event - lock, stock and barrel to somewhere a bit warmer!! In Caitlin & Blake's case, they chose Noosa - and what a choice!! Nadine and I took a roadtrip up there on the Friday night to attend the rehearsal and had a lovely evening enjoying the best of Noosa. Saturday morning brought stunningly blue skies and the day had a real spring warmth. Caitlin looked amazing (a real touch of Eva Longoria!), Blake looked very cool in a really appropriate suit and together with the Bridal Party we had a great photo session on Sunshine Beach. Then it was off to the ceremony at Ricky's, right next to the Noosa River and you couldn't really ask for a better location. The boys arrived on a speedboat and the girls on a Gondola before a really moving ceremony. After some more photos, Ricky's put on a simply fabulous reception with great food and service and everyone had a great time. We don't have them often enough here in Queensland, but daytime receptions are so good for getting great imagery. Thank you to Caitlin and Blake for letting us be part of your day - it was fantastic!

Telia & Scott's Pre-Wedding Shoot- Sunday 27th July

Telia & Scott won their Engagement Shoot at the The Chronicle Bridal Expo in May and came down to the studio for their shoot. We had a great time doing some really fun stuff - both Telia and Scott were really up for it and got some fantastic imagery to use in the guest book for their reception.