Something for the Connoisseurs out there...

I know some people may find it hard to believe, but FILM is making a comeback!! In the midst of this digital revolution (I have to admit that I find it funny that we are in the midst of a photography revolution where much of the photography is revolting too!!) there are glimmers of hope that proper photography is making a comeback. Yes it's on the fringes, and there is a long way to go, but film-based photography is definitely cooler than it was just a couple of years ago. Much of the new interest has been sparked by Lomography - the art of using cheap plastic cameras which leak light to create unique imagery. There is also a massive resurgence in Polaroid. I have always loved Polaroid and some of the new film stocks are very exciting and can create great results - and it's way more fun than an app on your iPhone!!There have also been huge advances in the variety, sensitivity and quality of standard film stocks too, with Kodak particularly busy producing great new products - which may seem funny seeing that they developed the digital sensor - do they know something we don't?? We have always kept a range a film based SLRs and cameras and love to run rolls through them at regular intervals - in fact much of my own personal project work is done on film!! From the very best Canon EOS SLRs to ancient 110 Kodaks we have the lot, including a rare Canon APS SLR which captures great panoramas. We also have our "designer" Olympus Trip's - immortalised by David Bailey in the 1970's - that have been fully refurbished and restored and which are the ultimate street photography camera - perfect for those candid moments at Weddings or events. They are also the "greenest" cameras we own as they have no need for batteries with their selenium (solar) powered light meters.

We are now offering a range of Wedding Packages that use film and a selection of different cameras to capture something totally unique for your day. You can add these packages onto our normal digital based packages or have them as a stand alone option. They are priced very competitively and would also make the perfect gift for a couple who want something completely different from their special day. With all our packages you get to "mix and match" a range of cameras and film-stocks to suit your own preferences and we can offer an enormous range of prints and albums to complement your unique images. Call or email us for more details and we look forward to creating something special just for you.

A new studio mascot...??

This "king of the bush" has taken up semi-permanent residence on the signpost directly opposite the studio recently. Why he prefers the sign to the plethora of trees around us is anyones guess but he is a very welcome sight :-)

Dawn...Pacific Dawn!!

Yes, I know, the blogging has been slack again of late but it's back with a vengeance now!! For those who read the blog regularly - I know who you are ;-) it will come as little surprise to learn that three of my favourite things are sunrise, sunset and the sea!! Last week I was incredibly fortunate to be able to take a trip up to Far North Queensland on P&O's very appropiately named Pacific Dawn. Not only did Nadine, Zoe & myself enjoy a simply stunning holiday, but I was able to indulge my passion for capturing sunrise and sunsets over water in lots of different places - perfect!! We enjoyed absolutely picture perfect weather with barely a ripple on the sea and the temperatures up north were just enough to remind us that spring is just around the corner - especially welcome after such a chilly winter!!
Cruising really is the perfect way to holiday and we are all feeling very relaxed and refreshed and ready for the new wedding season. Bring it on :-)

Pacific dawn (well strictly speaking Coral Sea dawn!) viewed from the eponymous ship!

We had a whale of time with P&O - the perfect way to holiday!!

The sun setting over The Whitsundays.

Steaming away from Cairns.

Pacific Dawn anchored off Port Douglas.

Two girls and two buoys at Port Douglas!!

Beach Photoshoots Available - Sat 27 Aug 11


On Saturday 27th June 2011 we will be undertaking our next round of beach photo shoots at Main Beach on the Gold Coast.
For our couples who have a free E-shoot included in their wedding package, this is the perfect opportunity to get some stunning shots at a different location so don't miss out and give us a call or email today to book your slot.
For families, couples and individuals, we are also offering a great special for the day - book a portrait shoot for $150 and receive two complimentary 7x5" prints presented in a beautiful matted folio (total value normally $350). One day only and valid for the first 5 customers to book their shoot.
Look forward to seeing you at the beach :-)