New Service at the Studio - Possum Portraits

Mr & Mrs Possum and family were unexpected customers at the new studio tonight - we're not even open yet but they came by for a portrait shoot nonetheless. Little Pete here was a real handful - climbing the trees and having a great time. Love having nature in the middle of the city and you will be able to pop by for the same fabulous experience once our renovations are complete in a few weeks time!
After another amazing year of photography it's been all change here at Masterpieces. Not only have we relocated, albeit only 2 minutes down the road, but we've also taken our brand on a journey of transformation. We are over the moon to be starting 2015 with a whole new look and with that comes a renewed vigour and excitement for life, love and weddings.

The energy has always been there, but now our look has had a refresh too. Make a time to have a relaxed chat with us and find out how we can capture unique and amazingly creative imagery just for you.