Bianca & Christopher's Wedding 02/01/10

Wow, it's hard to believe we are almost at the end of January 2010 - the time seems to go so quickly these days!! 2010 started with a bang with Bianca & Christopher's special day in Gatton on the first weekend (and second day) of the year. It was a rather typical January day, hot, with beautiful sunny periods but with the ever present threat of a storm. After a lovely ceremony in the Catholic Church we headed out to Lake Apex for the initial location photos and that was when the heavens chose to open, but not before we captured some truly fabulous images of the gathering storm clouds over the lake. Taking cover in one of the BBQ shelters while the storm passed gave us the chance to get some really different shots and then it was off to Gatton Station for more photos. Of course by the time we headed back to the reception the weather was back to it's beautiful best and we were able to capture some cool evening shots under the lights - that's summer for you!! Thanks to Bianca & Christopher for allowing us to be part of their day - it was really great fun.

Teena & Kerry's Wedding 22/11/09

Our last wedding for 2009 again took us to Minden Retreat for Teena & Kerry's Wedding. With the heatwave having abated for a couple of days, the day was just about perfect with a slight cooling breeze coming across the lake during the ceremony and providing some relief for the bridal party during the photo shoot and allowing us to capture some really lovely imagery.