Gold Coast 25/10

Luke & Joanne's Wedding - 24/10

Indy Weekend in October found us down at the Gold Coast, but not for the racing. We were there to cover another fabulous event - Luke and Joanne's Wedding!! Luke and Joanne wanted complete photographic and video coverage of their day and chose our Ultimate package so that we would be with them from early in the morning until the end of the reception. Joanne and her Bridesmaids got ready in one of the suites at the sumptuous Palazzo Versace which gave us enormous scope for some simply magnificent shots before we headed up to Hope Island to meet up with the boys.
One the dot of 3pm, just as the F-111 started it's "dump and burn" run down towards Surfers, Joanne arrived in a limo for the ceremony. The backdrop looking out across the lake was spectacular and was further enhanced by a very ominous dark cloud that seemed to be heading straight for us. As luck would have it the cloud stayed in the background whilst we set off around the golf course for some truly superb photos before heading back up to the clubhouse for the reception.
After a lavish dinner and some great speeches it was time for the big surprise of the day. Under the pretence of wanting some more group photos we dragged everyone out to the back of the clubhouse lined them all up and waited for the bang... Luke had organised a massive fireworks display for Joanne and the look of sheer disbelief on her face is fantastic - Nadine has uploaded some video of this magical moment on her blog!!
We thought nothing could top that, but then back inside the clubhouse Luke and Joanne had choreographed their first dance and it was simply amazing to watch - they had gone to such enormous effort and the result was brilliant. After all that excitement, the limo turned up to collect them and whisk them back to Versace for the start of their honeymoon and the last shot of the video is the limo heading off into the distance. All in all a truly wonderful day and thank you to Luke and Joanne for letting us be a part of it.

Christa & Tim's Wedding 10/10

Whilst I was in the Lockyer Valley for Tomara & Kurt's Wedding, Nadine headed to Toowoomba for Christa & Tim's special day. Some of the stunning images are here and you can read more about it on Nadine's blog.

Tomara & Kurt's Wedding - 10/10

Saturday 10th and whilst Nadine headed up to Toowoomba for Christa & Tim's Wedding, I was in the Lockyer Valley for Tomara & Kurt's special day. To get the most comprehensive coverage for the video, we started early in the morning at Hair Fusion in Gatton where the girls were getting their hair and make-up done before heading down to Summerholm where Tomara was getting ready. Next it was off to Lockrose and the Lutheran Chapel for the ceremony. The girls arrived in a procession of utes before going into the church which was absolutely packed to the rafters with friends and family. Next it was off to Kurt's farm for some stunning photos and then across to Minden Retreat for the fabulous reception. A really great day for everyone involved and thanks to Tomara & Kurt for letting us be part of it.