Birds...Birds...Birds...and a couple of randoms!!

One of the great benefits of having a fairly rural property and plenty of native trees is the enormous abundance of birdlife that seems to be attracted to our garden. With so many of our native birds being particularly photogenic, they does make for some great subject matter and here is a selection from the past couple of months...

Sadly we don't see any Koalas at our property (plenty of possums and other nocturnal visitors though) so this fella was enjoying his lunch at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary a couple of weeks ago. We were there as part of Zoe's school camp and had a great day despite the somewhat dismal weather.
We probably do get a few of these guys around our place and if they keep the mice away I would be more than happy - this one again is at Lone Pine.
Now that is one big seagull you've got there missus!! A stunning Sea Eagle, also at Lone Pine!
Giz a job! A sheepdog eagerly waits his turn to round up the mob during a demo at Lone Pine.