Barbara & Shawn's Wedding - 10/10/10

The final installment of our incredibly busy weekend was up in Toowoomba for Barbara & Shawn's wedding. Once again the weather gods were not smiling on us, this time predicting gale force winds as well as rain!! Luckily Barbara & Shawn had closen some great locations for their day - the ceremony at Stephens Church and reception at Middle Ridge Golf club - which did give us some chance to capture some great imagery out of the weather. With it being Bathhurst weekend, cars, and bikes, did play a big part in the day too and even better, the Holdens won the big race too!! Although the weather did cut short the photoshoot a little bit, the reception got going early and it looked like it was going to be a real rip-roaring party :-)
Thanks to Barbara & Shawn for letting us be part of the day.

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