Kelli's Daisy Designs - THE FACE OF 2008

We've been involved with The Face of Kelli's Daisy Designs since it's first year and always have a simply brilliant time. Kelli Holt, owner of Kelli's Daisy Designs in Gatton is a truly amazing person who gives so much to the community, as well as being a multi-award winning jewellery designer and businesswoman!!

The Face of Daisy Designs was conceived to give local young women the tools to prepare them for life, as well as have some fun during the mid-winter school holidays. Kelli's motto is "Beauty capture your attention, but personality captures your heart" and this is very much the theme of the event.

The girls have the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops, including a deportment and photographic modelling course, skincare, make-up and hair-styling before putting it all together for a gala grand-finale where they get to parade on a catwalk in front of several hundred guests.

This year was another massive success - the girls all looked stunning and it was a truly magnificent event. The overall winner of the competition was Grace Chrichton, and she gets to be the Face of Daisy designs for the next year and you will see her in a range of Kelli's advertising over the next year. I don't expect that this will be all you will see of Grace though - she has a real star quality and is headed for the big time!!

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