Christmas 2008 - Home and the Bunya Mountains

After a very busy lead up this year, Christmas finally arrived and we were actually able to take some real quality family time, first at home and then up in one of our favourite spots - at the Bunya Mountains - for a few days. Even though we have the best job in the world, it's good to take a break every now and then and wind down, even if we still end up taking loads of photos!! When you are lucky enough to be a photographer it is really good to do something different every now and then, just to keep your hand in, so for me, having the time to do some natural history work is always appreciated and the Bunya Mountains are the perfect place with all manner of wildlife and stunning temperate rainforest on your doorstep.
Of course when your daughter believes she should be on the nest series of Australia's Next Top Model or some similar show it can be hard to ignore requests for a "photo shoot" so there was plenty of opportunity to keep our hands in on the day job too!!
The eagle-eyed amongst you may even spot me in the one of the shots below which Nadine took. For those more optically challenged, I'm the one swinging Zoe on her new swing - a labour of love created before Christmas - which has gone down very well and which adds to the range of props that we have around the studio gardens.

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