Assmushausen Winery Break April 09

After a very busy weekend at the start of April, we took the opportuntity to get away during the week before the Easter rush and headed down to Warwick to stay at the historic Assmushausen Winery. Whilst no longer in producing wine (very sadly!!), Assmushausen was one of the very first wineries in Queensland and current owners Bill & Sue have lovingly restored the homestead and preserved the production facility and now offer very relaxing and enjoyable stays at Hope Cottage on the property. Bill has done an enormous amount of research into the history of the winery and it was fascinating to see the old photos of the place in it's heyday, with vineyards extending over an enormous area. With Leslie Dam and a couple of great country pubs in close proximity we all had a fantastic time and can thoroughly recommend it as a fabulous spot for a short break.

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