Having fun at Caloundra

Having travelled up for a commercial shoot at Caloundra on the first Friday in March, we decided to stay for the weekend and have a short break before the Wedding season starts in earnest. Whilst the weather was pretty average (OK, pretty darn poor!) most of the time we did manage to get out and about to play a little bit on the beach doing some fun creative photography. As anyone who reads the blog will know, I like to push myself a bit and so whilst Nadine played with the "big boys toys" I had a go doing some stuff with our little compact camera. The old Canon Powershot Pro1 is getting rather long in the tooth now, but still boasts 8Mp and has"L" series glass at the front so still does a fairly good job. Like most compacts, the shutter-lag does pose a few problems for action shots, but if you plan ahead, you can still get some great shots and the full range of manual options means you can do some cool stuff like this around Dicky Beach in Caloundra.

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