Own the Night...

All the Robert Pattinson fans out there know how great twilight can be, but it is a shame more couples don't make use of this magical time of the evening. At many Weddings guests are tucking into their entrees whilst outside the brighter sky and deep shadows create wonderful opportunities for evening photos. We always love it when couples extend the location shoot a little longer to capture not just the sunset (always fingers crossed!) but that earliest hint of night that happens a little later. It is always much easier to plan for twilight shots in winter with the early sunset, but even those planning spring or autumn nuptials should look at the timings of their reception to see if they can find time for just a few evening shots - they can make a wonderful way to end your album and look simply amazing printed in a metallic finish for album covers. They also make for stunning art prints, such as this cool grungy image from Angela & Brian's recent Wedding which we have printed on a photo-rag to give it even more texture.

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