This and that, here and there...

 The beach patrol - at just about every beach, the whole world over, gulls, of one form or another, keep a watch over proceedings - not to to monitor our safety, just watching in case we drop a chip or two!!
 This just struck me - the Australian flag flying over a restless ocean - a reminder that we have all come from over the sea to be here!
 A surprised sky! The sun peaking through the clouds and the placement of this decorative ironwork made me think of a surprised face!
 Straight lines of the Kurilpa Bridge.
A little bit of a different angle on this Brisbane icon.
 I know it's litter, but it's classy litter! Those Parisians really know how to party!
 A lane in the forest in the infrared spectrum...
 The complicated knitting of overhead lines at Roma St Station picked out by the setting sun.
 Wish the traffic was this quiet all the time...
I wonder where we are? Any guesses?

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