Kahlia & Aaron's Wedding 20/03/10

WOW - what a simply fabulous day!! Kahlia & Aaron had promised their Wedding was going to be something a bit special and it certainly didn't disappoint. From the early start out on the golf course with the boys right through to the end of the night, we had a great time capturing some really wonderful images of Kahlia, Aaron, their families and friends enjoying an amazing party. An absolute blast of a day and thanks to Kahlia & Aaron for letting us play our part.


  1. Dave and Nadine

    Our day was captured every part of the way and your involvement was priceless.

    You have provided us with beautiful memories and unforgettable moments.

    Thank you for giving us 100% and joining us on our day we look forward to the video, we can't wait!

    Kahlia & Aaron

  2. Such a beautiful wedding! you have really captured the spirit that is Kahlia & Aaron!The photos are AMAZING....