Kate & Beaudie's Elopement to Heron Island

Every once in while, an opportunity comes along that you simply have to jump at! When I met Kate at a wedding expo at the start of the year and found out about her plans to elope with fiance Beaudie to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef, I just knew that I had to be involved. There's a lot of logistics involved in destination weddings, and having worked through them with this wonderful couple, last Friday we began the trek north to capture some amazing memories on the tropical paradise that is Heron Island. The beauty about escaping to an island like this is that Kate & Beaudie could enjoy the most relaxed build up to their wedding, but maximise the coverage of every event because Nadine & I were onsite for 3 days. We photographed a pre-wedding shoot at sunset on Friday before, captured a video interview on Saturday morning, captured the couple heading off for a kayak adventure just before their ceremony just for starters. Then there was the excitement of the wedding itself and some stunning location photos around the island before taking the rare opportunity for some astrophotography under the starry skies. We even managed to capture a quick snorkeling trip on the Sunday morning before we sadly had to head back to the mainland. We love elopements and we love destination weddings and a HUGE thank you to Kate and Beaudie for letting us share their absolutely incredible days out on the Great Barrier Reef!

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